Contemporary theory on Risk Assessment is based upon the idea that all events can be classified as being in one of four areas of concern. They are Low probability and Low consequence; High probability and Low consequence; Low probability and High consequence; and lastly High probability and High consequence.

Major events, while infrequent, are real issues. Unfortunately they are often events with catastrophic consequences.

Everyone from top management to the basic skilled craftsman should be involved in understanding what needs to be done and engaging in appropriate behaviors to reduce the possibility of low frequency-high consequence events. This is where most catastrophic losses occur!


The mission of this website is to provide background information to both public and private sector organizations regarding how to reduce the frequency and severity of fires during construction. This site identifies many best management practices that were collected during a literature search.


This website was developed as a cooperative effort of an industry‚Äč-based Stakeholders Group and Fireforceone. The original research was based on search for management practices that could be utilized to “Reduce Fires in Buildings Under Construction”. The primary target audiences are those involved in the construction of large-area, multi-family housing.

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